Why The Pinterest Tortoise Wins Every Time

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If you focus on these 3 simple Pinterest marketing habits, you will win the race every time.

Pinterest Marketing Consistency

The tortoise and the hare are at the start line.

The gun goes off.

The hare starts running full speed ahead while the tortoise appears to move slow but keeps a steady pace.

Who do you think will win the race?

Keep reading to find out why the Pinterest tortoise wins every time, but only if you act like a tortoise too.

By now, I am hoping you are familiar with the story about the tortoise and the hare. It’s a great fable that teaches all kinds of valuable business lessons.

The biggest idea being staying focused and keeping going.

Why I Will Never Think Like a Hare Again

I have tried being the hare many times and learned my lesson quickly. I see a new opportunity, chase after it, and then see another opportunity, chase after it, and the vicious cycle keeps going and going.

This is one of the casualties of being an entrepreneur. The same thing happens in marketing too. I hear about someone crushing it with Facebook ads or Instagram ads and decide to try it.

There has to be a quick win in there somewhere, right? They make it sound like it’s so easy! Then you try it and spend thousands of dollars in hopes of a jackpot win.

That shiny object didn’t work out either. Now what? The advertising budget is gone with dismal results. Sound familiar?

There’s a better way.

Meet the Pinterest Tortoise

With Pinterest, if you give me enough time, I can beat virtually any competition. Not because I’m the smartest, fastest, prettiest, or just down-right demand it.

I can win with Pinterest just by applying the habits of consistency. Isn’t that the ultimate key to success with anything?

In fact, Pinterest itself is a tortoise. It takes time and perseverance for it to warm up your pins, but when it does, those pins will keep working for you consistently over a long period of time.

It’s not uncommon to see pins from as far back as 2012 pop up in the feed. They are still working years and years later.

Even if you just stop pinning completely, Pinterest is still working for you.

I am telling you; the Pinterest tortoise is who you want to be your ultimate marketing partner. It will out-work and outperform other social media outlets every single time.

What other platforms can make an image go viral organically like this after working consistently for only 4 months?

Pinterest Viral Pin

And this was one of 12 pins that went viral during the same month for one our clients in the fashion industry.

Their sessions shot up about 2,000% that month according to Google Analytics. Free traffic and free sales. Crazy!

Unfortunately, most people give up too soon or just don’t know what they should be doing consistently.

Here are the 3 most important habits to include in your Pinterest marketing race.

Pinterest Tortoise Habit #1

Do your keyword research. Pinterest is a search engine much like Google, but easier to master. It relies on whatever you tell it to do using keywords.

The Smart Feed (Pinterest search engine) has no idea what your brand and products are about or who to show your pins to unless you feed it keywords. Pinterest is not a mind reader so you need to be direct and include relevant keywords everywhere.

This tip alone is worth gold. If you do nothing else, get keywords in your profile, boards, and pin descriptions. Excellent search engine optimization is not optional. It is an absolute must.

Pinterest Tortoise Habit #2

Create vertical pins using a 2:3 ratio. The square images pinned straight from product pages in your store are just ignored. They are too small and never get noticed.

Take time to create new pins every month featuring your products and blog posts that include your logo or domain name, text that evokes curiosity, and a call to action.

Bonus points if you can include a keyword phrase in the text overlay. Keep mixing it up so you can get people’s attention.

Pinterest Tortoise Habit #3

Pin daily during the time people are actively using Pinterest. Most people use Pinterest in the afternoon to evening times. Depending on the time zone you live in, your audience may be most active at 2:00 am.

Are you going to stay up all night every night pinning? I sure hope not. You will lose your momentum quickly.

The only way to sustain your pinning consistency is to use a scheduling tool like Tailwind. This is the only tool with an API approved by Pinterest. I wouldn’t advise using anything else at this point if you value your Pinterest account.

Keep Going

Stop acting like the hare worrying about what everyone else is doing and keep going! Don’t allow yourself to get distracted by the next shiny object that promises a quick fix. It doesn’t exist.

Consistency over a long period will win every single time. If you can master sustaining it like the tortoise no matter how boring it gets, then you will out-run and out-perform all of your competition.

That’s exactly how the Pinterest tortoise is designed to work. Slow and steady wins the race.

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