RelayThat Tutorial – How To Create Pinterest Images At Lightning Speed

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Learning how to create Pinterest images that fit your brand and receive high engagement is now easier than ever using this RelayThat tutorial for making pins lightning speed fast!

✅ My new favorite tool for creating popular pins on Pinterest FAST!

How to Make Long Pinterest Images

RelayThat Tutorial - How to Make Pinterest Pin Images Fast

Vertical images with a 2:3 ratio are encouraged by Pinterest according to the latest updates in best practices for Pinterest marketing.

The visual elements all need to work together in telling a great story that will pique people’s interest and make them want to learn more.

Here are a few quick tips on how to make Pinterest images that really work:

  1. Choose images that catch your eye and really stand out.
  2. Creating pins with a 2:3 ratio is recommended. (Examples include 800 x 1200 pixels and 1000 x 1500 pixels.)
  3. Use only images that showcase your brand and show how to use your products.
  4. Include a logo (or website domain name) on every pin avoiding the lower right corner. 
  5. Add text overlay to tell a clearer message helping people understand your pin better in 2 seconds or less.

Pinterest goes on further telling us to create original pins at least once a week

The algorithm favors a steady stream of new content and fresh pins showing up in the feed to give people the best user experience possible.

How to Create Pinterest Images Using Pinterest Pin Templates

Business owners are very limited on time and creating new pins every single week may not sound that exciting.

No problem!

It can be done easily when you use Pinterest pin templates. Create them once and use them over and over again.

Even better yet, here’s a tool that does this automatically for you.

How to Use RelayThat

Watch the RelayThat tutorial below showing you how to create Pinterest images every single week at lightning speed.

Learn how to make pins popular on Pinterest by simply using high-engaging designs that work.

What I love most about RelayThat is how easy it is to create pins with a consistent branded design using their done-for-you templates.

Get over your creative block quickly with just a click of a button.

Did I mention there are over 3 million royalty-free images you can use at no additional cost? 

You will never be out of ideas for creating popular pins on Pinterest that are more likely to go viral.

This is just the best tool for solopreneurs who need to make every minute count.

RelayThat Appsumo $49 Deal

Don’t miss out on the special $49 lifetime RelayThat Appsumo deal. 

It can save you huge amounts of time plus big savings showing you how to make your pins popular on Pinterest! 

What are your favorite tools for creating pins? Leave a comment below.

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    1. Hi Teresa,
      I have just a few questions:
      First, I know you have promoted Stencil in the past for creating pins. Do you still use it, or have you switched over to RelayThat completely?
      Second, I’m a little confused with the “Workspace”. I think with the special offer one is only allowed to create a certain number of Workspaces (3 I think?). So when you have created your pins, using the method you have described in your video, and you have download everything you want, do you then wipe your Workspace clean and start over working on a different pin concept?
      Third, do you ever use the free version of Canva to make pins?
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