Designing For Non-Designers: How To Create The Best Pinterest Pins FAST

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how to create the best Pinterest pins

The ultimate guide in designing for non-designers. Learn how to create the best Pinterest pins fast!

According to the latest update in the best practices for Pinterest marketing, this visual search engine is prioritizing new and original pins in the algorithm. 

While this means we need to create more pins, in general, to be effective, here is a way to make the process go faster and easier while having fun!

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How to Create Your Own Pins on Pinterest

how to create your own pins on Pinterest

The fastest and easiest way to create an original pin for Pinterest that has the highest potential to go viral is by using this Pinterest pin creator tool.

It automatically creates one eye-catching image and turns it into hundreds for you without any technical skills required. 

This easy-to-learn secret weapon is perfect for startup companies, freelancers, agencies, freelancers, nonprofits, small businesses, and professional bloggers.

I am now using it in my arsenal as a Pinterest marketing agency working directly with brands and I encourage you to try it for your business too.

There is no need to pay out a lot of money to graphic designers or learn complicated software when you can do this better at more affordable prices.

Saving time and money while reaching a bigger audience is what we all need!

Designing for Non-Designers: How to Make a Good Pin

  1. Make sure your pin images meet the vertical 2:3 ratio standards.
  2. Create a template and use it over and over again changing out the photos and text.
  3. Test different pin images by sometimes using a close-up shot highlighting just one picture but also showing multiple photos in other pins.
  4. Use your own brand colors and fonts, but don’t be afraid to test beyond this as well.

Pinterest Tall Pins

The current Pinterest best practices say that we need to create vertical pins with a 2:3 ratio. The actual dimension sizes change frequently. 

Don’t get too caught up on this. It is actually more important for you to test different sizes to see what gives you the best results.

What I do know through my own testing is that tall pins do very well in all niches within B2B and B2C businesses.

How to Make a Long Pin on Pinterest

Use the given Pinterest pin size provided for you in this Pinterest pin design software or set your own custom dimension sizes in other free or paid tools.

How to Create Pins for Blogs and Online Stores

If you have brand colors and fonts for your online store or blog, use this as a good starting place. 

Otherwise, start with a blank slate of a black or white background and pick 1-3 colors to feature. 

Use only fonts that are easy to read and highlight certain words you want to pop out using a different color, font, or using bold, underlined or italicized text.

The Best Photos for Pinterest

What I love about this Pinterest pin maker is that it comes with over 3 million copyright-free images and icons.

You can also upload your own images easily to making sure your pins really stand out.

The smart layouts feature allows you to add a call-to-action button quickly to get more clicks and action-takers.

The Best Fonts for Pinterest Pins

Use only easy-to-read fonts and save your fancy writing for creating sales funnel materials. People need to make a decision in 2 seconds or less.

Make it easy for them by using text that is clear and enticing. Give them a reason to want to find out more.

There are title ideas provided for you to creatively keep changing up your pin text using your targeted keywords in this pin creator for Pinterest. However, it works better for blog posts than product pages.

This may get better in the future as they keep developing the software.

I also love the font pairing ideas to keep things simple and get more done by not overthinking it.

Easy font pairing list:

  • Humanist 777 + Lora
  • Bebas Neue Bold + Aileron Light
  • Effra + Raleway
  • Open Sans + Italic Open Sans
  • Ostrich Sans + Oswald
  • Homestead + Helvetica Neue
  • League Spartan + Playfair Italic
  • Lovelo + Lora Italic

The Best Colors for Pinterest Pins

Start with your own brand colors and experiment with other colors such as pale pinks for female-centered niches, dark colors for men, and bright colors for kids. 

White and black backgrounds are standard for all brands. Experiment with both and then expand to other light background colors and textures.

Check your competitors to see what they are doing and do the exact opposite.

The power of getting your pins noticed is through differentiation. Set your pins apart from the rest of the crowd and you will see higher engagement through saves and clicks.

The Best Pinterest Images

The best Pinterest images include all of these elements:

  1. Researched low-competition keywords in the text.
  2. Colors that stand out and make your pins different from your competitors.
  3. A clear call-to-action for product pins and those with the purpose of building your email list.
  4. Fonts that are easy to read.

Designing for Non-Designers: The Best Pinterest Pin Maker

The learning curve is lessened significantly for how to create the best Pinterest pins when you use this tool designed to help you make a Pinterest pin fast that is highly visual. 

It is especially useful in designing for non-designers like most of the entrepreneur population.

Instead of hiring an expensive design team or brand consultants, why not try this affordable tool instead called RelayThat?

You can get lifetime access for only $49 from AppSumo for a limited time. This deal only comes around once a year so you have to act now.

Get smart and spend more time growing your brand faster while saving both time and money.

What are your favorite ways to create pins? Leave a comment below.

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