How To Make A Pinterest Business Profile Cover

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How To Make A Pinterest Business Profile Cover

Quickly learn how to make a Pinterest business profile cover using a great design and the ideal Pinterest profile cover image size.

Creating a more aesthetically pleasing Pinterest profile banner that is also actionable is now easier than ever!

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New Pinterest Layout 2019

To give you a little history, Pinterest rolled out a new profile look in 2019 that includes a cover or banner behind the profile picture.

They borrowed the popular “header” idea from other social media outlets. At first, you were only able to display pins from one of your boards.

Later, they gave the ability to upload an image or a video. This billboard area can give your business and brand some extra exposure if you truly maximize it.

How to Get the New Pinterest Profile Layout

This new feature is available to everyone with a Pinterest business account. 

The extra bells and whistles give you plenty of free internet real estate space to show-off your top-selling products or give details about your special discounts and freebies.

How to Get a Banner on Pinterest

Go to your Pinterest profile and click on the pencil icon to upload a Pinterest profile cover image or engaging video.

How to Make a Profile Cover on Pinterest

Pinterest profile cover photos are easy to make in PhotoShop, Affinity designer, PicMonkey, Canva, Stencil, and PowerPoint.

You can even make them free using Google Slides.

All of those tools can be great, but my favorite is using RelayThat. It takes 2 minutes or less to create a new profile cover photo.

Watch the video below and you will see just how fast and easy it really is.

Pinterest Profile Cover Photo Dimensions

A good Pinterest profile cover photo size to start with is 1000 pixels (width) by 500 (height) pixels or use a Facebook Ad template which is 1200 x 628 pixels.

How to Make Your Pinterest Aesthetic

The fastest way is to start with a template! Let someone else with a design eye do the heavy lifting for you.

Just replace everything in the starter template with your own images, colors, fonts, logo (or domain name), and text.

I love to use the templates that already include a call-to-action button and change the button text to feature a free offer or discount promo code.

Pinterest Profile Cover Design

Here is how you can make your featured profile banner highly engaging visually.

  1. Choose an amazing image.
  2. Show off one of your best selling products.
  3. Use intriguing words in your text that targets exactly what your audience wants most.
  4. Add a clear call-to-action preferably using a button.

How to Change Your Pinterest Profile Cover

Once you have your new profile cover design made, upload it to your profile by clicking on the pencil icon and choose “upload image or video”.

Upload your image from your computer, move it around to crop it if needed, and click the “save” button.

It looks clean, professional, and helps people focus on just ONE thing (getting into your sales funnel).

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What do you like to include in your Pinterest profile cover? Share in the comments below.

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