Best Practices For Pinterest Marketing: Latest Pinterest Update 2020

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latest Pinterest update 2020

At least once a year the best Practices for Pinterest marketing are updated.

That time has rolled around again and this latest Pinterest update for 2020 will guide you through what changes you need to make to your overall Pinterest marketing plan for business.

New Pinterest Update 2020

According to this latest interview with a Pinterest representative, the search engine will now begin to favor new content and fresh pins.

Duplicate pins will be downgraded in the algorithm receiving less of a reach.

What are Pinterest Fresh Pins?

Any photo, image, or video never used in Pinterest before is considered a fresh pin. Creating multiple pins that link to the same blog post or product page is okay and considered “fresh” when saved in Pinterest the first time.

Using the same image but changing the pin title and description is NOT considered a fresh pin. 

This is a big change from just one year ago and something that I suspected would be announced in the near future.

What are Duplicate Pins on Pinterest?

Any pin that uses the same exact pin image and URL link combination that has already been pinned on Pinterest (even by someone else) is considered a duplicate pin. 

Be careful about reusing the same stock photo or any picture multiple times. It will not be seen as “fresh” and will not get impressions (shown to people).

Should I Keep Pinning Other People’s Pins?

The recommendation now is to pin mostly new pins you are creating and less of other people’s pins. 

This does seem different and gives a feel of less community to businesses using Pinterest for marketing purposes.

Just keep in mind that Pinterest is a search engine and not a place where people hang out to socialize. 

best practices for Pinterest marketing

They are really there to find creative solutions to problems, get inspired by ideas, and discover new products to try.

The good news is you can worry less about saving pins that are not your own. You will not be penalized for this. In fact, the algorithm will start rewarding you for producing a larger output of new pins.

The bad news is you will need to spend time creating new pins. This really isn’t bad news at all because you will just be trading one activity for another. 

What you can do now is trade the time spent finding other people’s pins to save for making more of your own pins.

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Pinterest Best Practices 2020

The biggest update to the Pinterest best practices also includes pinning the same pin image to no more than 10 boards. Choose only the most relevant boards to maximize the potential reach.

Pinterest Pin Limit Per Day

There is no Pinterest daily pin limit (at least I don’t see it documented anywhere in the Pinterest Creative Best Practices) but they are recommending pinning fewer than 50 pins per day to keep your account from being flagged.

There has been a much higher volume of account suspensions happening this past year. This may be due to a high frequency of daily pinning which could appear as though you are trying to game the system.

The latest recommendations are to pin fewer pins total per day and focus more on pinning your own newly created pins. 

The algorithm will prioritize fresh pins over pins that are not new to the platform.

Pinning the Same Pin to Multiple Boards

Pinning the same pin to more than 10 boards is now highly discouraged. 

Why is this? The search engine is trying to learn what your pin is about in order to know who should see it.

The boards your pins are saved to tell Pinterest more information about your pins. This will increase your impressions which will, in turn, bring up engagement (saves and clicks) on your pins.

Ultimately, that is what everyone wants.

It is better to take 5 minutes and create a new pin if you would like to share the same product page or blog post again. That pin will get a much bigger reach in the long run and stick around for a longer period of time.

Additional Pinterest Best Practices for Business Tips

1. Spend more time creating new content.

Write more blog posts, make more videos, and create new product pages to share on Pinterest. Google and YouTube love this too. It will help you reach a bigger audience overall organically. 

Keep spreading that search engine love around!

2. Make sure your content is of high quality.

People will love your content if it serves them well. Do your research to find out exactly what your audience is looking for and create content giving them exactly what they want.

3. Fill your content with carefully researched keywords for SEO purposes.

This will help the search engines understand your content and show it to your targeted audience. The more help you give the search engines through your keywords, the more your content will be shown to more people.

In return, your traffic will increase followed by more people subscribing to your email list and traveling through your sales funnel.

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Recommended Pinterest Marketing Strategy 2020 

How can ecommerce entrepreneurs, startup companies, service industries, brands, and professional bloggers make needed adjustments?

1. Ramp up your content marketing.

It is much easier to create a blog post linking to your products or services targeting multiple low competition keyword phrases. Check your product and service pages for good SEO also.

2. Make fresh updates.

Update old posts or pages and link them to newly created posts targeting even more keywords. 

3. Develop a routine.

Set a goal of writing one new blog post every week. Then use those targeted keywords in your blog posts to create “fresh” pins. 

4. Spice up your images.

Use new pictures in your pins or adjust them significantly. Do not reuse the same stock photos again without making noticeable changes.

Pinterest for Business Best Practices

If you use Tailwind, they have introduced a new feature called the SmartGuide to help you to stay updated on the latest changes. 

Otherwise, use a spreadsheet and other productivity tools such as a Trello board if you prefer to manually pin.

What do you think about these latest Pinterest updates for 2020 covering the new best practices for Pinterest marketing? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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